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Boost your outbound campaigns and generate 10-20 qualified sales calls every month

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B2B Software Businesses

Professional Service Providers

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Identify thousands of new leads per month, ready to be imported in your CRM


Run an automated & self-learning outreach engine that works 24/7


Generate a consistent stream of new customers while focusing on your business

⚙️ How it Works

We target potential leads by collecting data from various sources, validate their information, profile them based on their position and contact information, and conduct personalized outreach through A/B tested messaging sequences.

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Step 1


  • Public & proprietary company databases
  • Custom sources (e.g. event pages, press releases, job posts), collected by 100+ web crawlers
Step 2


  • Prospect screening against custom target criteria (e.g. funding, growth, new initiatives)
  • Check against blacklists and ensure recency of all information
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Step 3


  • Identification and ranking of contacts based on position (e.g. C-Level, Head of Sourcing)
  • Collection & validation of contact information (Email & LinkedIn)
Step 4


  • Highly personalized and A/B tested messaging sequences
  • Dynamic outreach improvements based on performance data
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🥳 Our Happy Customers

Selected success stories of businesses who have utilized our lead generation service to supercharge their sales efforts and generate qualified leads

Thanks to camp3, we have generated a steady stream of highly qualified sales calls, driving our business towards high-value deals. A huge recommendation to anyone looking to elevate their sales game!

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Niklas Guggenberger
Chief Revenue Officer at scale up

We now have a predictable pipeline of new leads, more sales calls, and a much higher brand awareness. Also, camp3’s lead generation process is seamlessly integrated in our existing sales activities to leverage our outbound campaigns even more.

Portrait Julian
Julian von Blücher
Chief Executive Officer at Talent Tree

🎉 Success Metrics

Our campaigns are effective: Measurable results and performance data of our lead generation service

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