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We align on your current hiring roadmap (incl. JD templates, compensation benchmarks etc.)
We share a longlist of candidates first and focus our outreach on your top priority candidates
We perform screening calls and reference checks with candidates before they are recommended to you

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camp3 pool

camp3 pool

Our own database of fully vetted candidates

1st degree

Recruiters’ network

Talents from hand-picked recruiting partners

2nd degree

Global sourcing

Talents from more than 15,000 tech companies

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reply rate for 1st degree connections


days average time until first interview


reduced costs compared to traditional agencies

Recent Successful Hires

What our customers say about some of our recently filled positions

Head of Digital Marketing

"I like that camp3 was super integrated within our team, adjusting their search on the fly and delivering new candidates almost on a daily basis."

Chief Operating Officer @ B2B SaaS company

Solidity Engineer

"We leveraged camp3's extensive recruiters' network to find an experienced Blockchain Developer who had deployed smart contracts on Ethereum mainnet - great job!"

Co-Founder @ Tokenization Platform

Senior Frontend Developer

"Super happy with process and outcome! We staffed a very senior frontend position within 4 weeks and our cost per hire was much lower compared to traditional agency models!"

Hiring Manager @ E-Commerce Platform

Multiple Java Developers

"We needed to ramp up a whole team of developers quickly and it really made sense to use the mix of full-time and freelance candidates via camp3!"

Lead Engineer @ Data Analytics company

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