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What is a crypto job and how can I find one?

What is a crypto job?

A crypto job is a job that is offered by companies or projects that are related to cryptocurrencies or blockchain technology. Those companies can be active in various capacities and in different crypto-related areas, such as NFTs (non-fungible tokens), payment services, wallet providers, lending, trading, blockchain development, blockchain gaming, DAOs (decentralized autonomous organizations), or investment funds that focus on financial investments in the crypto ecosystem.

Crypto jobs are sometimes called web3 jobs, whereas web3 stands for a new version of the world wide web in which centralized services (such as social media platforms, marketplaces, or payment services) are replaced by decentralized services and token-based economics.

As we will see, crypto jobs are one of the fastest growing job categories and there is an ever increasing talent shortage for crypto jobs as mentioned in a recent tweet from CoinDesk, one of the leading crypto news pages:

What types of jobs are there in crypto?

Due to the broad range of crypto-related companies and their potential size, there are crypto jobs that cover almost all areas that can be found in non-crypto related companies, particularly in tech companies.

Some of the main types of crypto jobs are the following:

Crypto Developer

Crypto developers mostly focus on engineering and maintenance tasks around the core infrastructure of crypto projects, i.e. the underlying blockchain technology. Those typically require an understanding of various programming languages, core knowledge about cryptography, and an understanding of smart contracts.

Crypto Marketer

Crypto marketers focus on building brand reputation and attracting and retaining users or investors for a given crypto project. This can include the preparation of new tokens in an ICO (Initial Coin Offering) or in winning over new users for an existing crypto project. Also, marketing activities in crypto can be seen prior to NFT launches or when promoting blockchain games or other crypto applications such as wallet infrastructure or lending protocols. Crypto marketers require a good understanding of their relevant user segments, investor psychology, and of network effects that often govern the success or failure of new crypto projects.

Crypto Designer

Crypto designers mostly work in crypto projects that revolve around user-centered design elements such as in blockchain games, in NTFs, or in metaverse applications. New crypto projects often attract users and investors due to their unique look and feel wherein design acts as the glue between the project’s vision and the need for identification and belonging on the user’s side.

Crypto Trader

Crypto traders, investors, or analysts are focused on achieving financial returns from allocating capital in crypto companies - often during their startup phase - or from investing into crypto tokens directly. While crypto traders often work in prop trading groups or crypto hedge funds, crypto investors and analysts can also be found in venture capital firms with a particular focus on crypto related companies. 

Crypto Finance

Crypto finance professionals often have a background in traditional finance or economics and focus mostly on the economical side of crypto projects. In particular, they design the so called tokenomics which governs the release cycles for new token emissions as well as measures for avoiding inflation, such as burn or cap mechanisms. Crypto finance professionals can also be found in jobs that revolve around lending, staking, decentralized finance applications, or jobs that resemble those in the traditional banking world, such as payment processes or storage of assets.

Regulation & Legal Professionals

Crypto regulation and legal professionals often went through a traditional legal education or have worked in a financial regulatory authority before starting a crypto job. They are concerned with the regulatory viability of new crypto projects or certain offerings that might fall under the scrutiny of national regulatory oversight. Areas that crypto legal professionals deal with can include security law, payments processing regulation, anti-money laundering, or investor protection.

How does the job market for crypto jobs look like?

The current crypto jobs market is highly favorable for anyone looking for a job since there is much more supply of jobs than supply of talent. During the year 2021, job posts related to crypto and blockchain have skyrocketed according to almost all relevant job listing websites. On LinkedIn alone, job listing with the keyword ‘cryptocurrency’ or ‘blockchain’ were up over 600% (Source)

Also, since web3 and crypto companies have received outsized investments from venture capital in previous years - with more new dedicated crypto funds being launched every month- demand for talent in the crypto space has become independent from crypto prices and speculation:

Development of Crypto Job Growth

What do people earn in crypto jobs?

Due to a favorable supply-demand situation for crypto job seekers, salaries in crypto jobs are generally much higher than in comparable jobs in non-crypto industries:

Crypto Job salaries above median

This can also be seen in entry-level salaries where crypto developers will often earn 150,000 USD to 200,000 USD in junior positions, excluding any token packages or bonuses that can come on top.

5 reasons why getting a crypto job is a good idea

There a various reasons why it might be interesting to apply for a crypto job but many of those can be boiled down to the following list:

  1. You are building the future of the internet. It is likely that our next social media platforms, market places, games, or communication channels will no longer be built around large, centralized corporations. Rather, by working in web3 and crypto jobs, you can support change towards a more decentralized internet where ownership is in the hands of its users.
  2. You will learn new skills. Since crypto jobs are developing rapidly, you are guaranteed to enjoy a steep learning curve in almost any crypto related job. Also, you have an opportunity to shape many of the new technologies since most of it has never been taught in universities or textbooks.
  3. You can profit from flexible working styles and remote work. Since many of the large web3 projects are set up as remote-first companies, you will have no problem in finding jobs that allow you to work flexibly from anywhere in the world. This also means less traveling, less carbon footprint, and more flexibility in terms of working hours.
  4. You will meet people from all over the world. Most crypto companies have workforces that are distributed across the world. As a consequence, you will often work in truly diverse teams and will encounter different cultures or even make friends among your co-workers that you would have never met anywhere else.
  5. You have an opportunity to earn well and profit from successful projects directly. Since crypto companies are often funded well and crypto talent is in high demand, salaries in crypto jobs are generally higher than in most industries. Also, many crypto companies reward you with additional bonuses or parts of your compensation package can be in tokens which adds another type of financial reward in case your crypto project becomes successful.

How do I get a job in crypto?

While there are many ways of applying for crypto jobs directly, the easiest way of getting access to crypto jobs that match your skills and interests is via camp3. We are the leading jobs & people platform in crypto, blockchain, and the metaverse. After creating an account and specifying all of your relevant job requirements (such as salary, remote preferences, working style, team setup), most of the major web3 companies can apply to your profile directly and indicate upfront which of your requirements they fulfill.

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